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Bernard Heiderscheidt


Our vision

SECO is a trusted knowledge community, highly specialised engineers and experts, serving and supporting technical innovation efforts of ambitious builders, designers, industrial supply chains, and all positive innovators making great construction happen, safely and sustainable for people and nature.
Our mission is to ease access to best in class construction expertise, to offer our community and the generations of builders & entrepreneurs to come, a higher peace of mind.

Our services

Inspect & boost compliance

  • Fire safety audits & inspections
  • Electrical safety audits & inspections
  • Preventive design review
  • Environmental audits & inspections
  • On-site health & safety inspection
  • Factory inspections & audits

Verify & boost quality

  • Technical control for IDI insurance
  • Works inspections & acceptance
  • On-site quality inspection
  • Preventive design review
  • Risk mitigation & quality strategies
  • Technical due diligence & FM audits
  • Safety in circularity

Certify materials, people & processes

  • Certification of management systems
  • Certification of products and systems
  • Certification of persons
  • Certification of processes
  • Attestation for product innovation
  • Web-based Quality frameworks

Consult & advise on designs

  • Fire & safety engineering
  • Façade- and climate engineering
  • Sustainability engineering
  • Acoustical engineering

Define and control 3D geometrics

  • On-site measurements / controls
  • Official cadaster measurements
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • 3D scan to BIM

Temporary experts for outsourced expertise

  • Experts for construction supervision
  • Experts for project management
  • Experts for design coordination
  • Experts for cost saving


We are passionate people dedicated to our work and clients. We share common values and do our best to stick to them, no matter what. Find out more about what it means to work with us.


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You are freelance and you are looking to work on large project? Do you have specific skills to make available in the construction sector? So, join the SECO community ! SECO is made for you.

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Within the SECO Group, digitalization is a valuable ally that not only helps en