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Silver Tower Brussels

The COVID-19 crisis slowed down, the pace of the Silver Tower construction site. However, the project is at full speed again and SECO is happy and ready to restart its various assignments.

To guarantee the tower's overall quality, SECO was appointed by Ghelamco Group to apply its expertise in the fields of fire safety, stability, safety coordination and technical installations.

As a landmark in the Brussels scenery, the tower offers us some interesting technical challenges:

  • The overall stability and rigidity of the structure is ensured by a reinforced concrete core and a system of metal struts located halfway up the tower.
  • The tower is located in the business center of the city. The presence of other large towers meant that a wind tunnel test had to be carried out to determine the wind loads on the façade elements.
  • To obtain an excellent U-value with double glazing and the vertical decorative fins on the façade, the composition of the glass was modified with new coatings (anti-fog) and anchors were made in a special stainless steel composition to limit the thermal conductivity.

Since Ghelamco also sets high standards for total conformity in the field of fire safety, SECO provided them with its technical expertise and support in the domain.

The radiant office tower has an above-ground surface of 45.000 m² (32 floors), seven undergrounds levels, a ground floor with two mezzanines. The 2000 officials of the Brussels-Capital Region will be accommodated from autumn 200

The building has the shape of an ellipse of 28 m wide and 69 m long.

Its height is a towering 137 m.”

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