Our vision

Our vision SECO Group


SECO is a leading company in Benelux, with 85 years of proven experience, in the prevention of technical risks, on-site quality supervision and factory shop inspection, on many different projects and whatever their size.

Our aim is to contribute to great and affordable construction, to provide reliable information and to help making better decisions. Our common goal a better protection and real prospects to present and future builders and innovators. Our technical expertise is what keeps that possible everyday, giving our clients deep peace of mind within their undertakings.


Our cooperative vocation towards the construction area makes us very close and accessible to our colleagues and clients, giving them the best expertise and fulfilling the needs of the construction industry. This collaborative DNA is the result of shared values and common efforts, a deep commitment to our teams, clients and future users.

  1. Legal compliance to norms & regulations
  2. Honorable prevention & mitigation of risks
  3. Custom-fit guidelines for audacious construction
  4. Confidence for urban & Digital innovation



Simply our highest good all our partners can count on


We got ownership to act and solve problems


Our advice is 100% unpartial, and globally accessible


We endure difficulties, encourage and commit to help our community


We have the ambition of the best-in-class, to learn and battle at the top

Future for SECO

SECO will remain a trust provider on the long run, for its clients and staff in the construction business; a best in class technical advisor for quality, innovation, safety and legal compliance. Our offer will focus even more on urban, water and mobility challenges, taking into account new digital community processes like BIM, Internet of Things or integrated supply chains. With our clients, our staff and partners, we aim to improve and support solutions for … 

  1. Redesigning sustainable cities & grids
    • Reducing the carbon footprint
    • Closing the infrastructure gaps
    • Improving mobility issues
  2. Saving water, health & environment
    • Solving water issues for drink water
    • Protecting coasts against sea rise
    • Building low carb energy production
  3. Digitalization of processes and products
    • Prefabrication with BIM-managed supply chains
    • IoT with embedded sensors checking in real time
    • New standards integrating predictive maintenance
  4. Fostering progress in materials & productivity
    • Re-use of materials within circular economies
    • Community-based methods for quality and safety
    • More healthy, low carb or new eco-materials
  5. Improving legal compliance, our historical work
    • Maintaining strict safety standards
    • Limiting risks and liability costs
    • Promoting preventive quality approaches