Digitalizing, yes, but around the human!


Digitalizing, yes, but around the human!

Within the SECO Group, digitalization is a valuable ally that not only helps engineers on a daily basis, but also optimizes the quality of services and solutions, as well as the cost / benefit balance.

If we look at the world of building retrospectively, we find that it is a traditional sector where new technologies and innovations concerning materials, the design of a book or the conservation of information related to it have slowly found their place, by "technological leaps".

But we also see that in recent years, this mutation is accelerating. Indeed, if we observe the technical evolutions in the mode of conception during the last 40 decades, we see very clearly a tendency to go towards digital solutions. We went from paper drawings and manuscript calculations in the 1970s to a digital design through 3D modeling.

"SECO has a specific structure dedicated to innovation and digitization that will accompany changes in the years to come.

The current trend is clearly in BIM, cradle to cradle, circular construction. This requires a high degree of digitization to ensure that the entire process, from idea to execution, becomes possible in a shorter time, optimizing all resources and at the same time allowing better control of the entire process. of construction. In addition, the sustainable construction and maintenance of these buildings is becoming more and more integrated into the design.
This constantly growing number of data will allow the use of technologies still little used in the construction sector, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, which will profoundly revolutionize the construction sector. Hence the need to adapt.

By playing an active role in digital developments but also by following market demand, SECO wants to meet the needs of customers and the sector in general. We also want to support our customers who are still trying to adapt and grow in a world in constant mutation by developing various solutions for the future.
Of course, all these developments imply that a lot of things are evolving within SECO at an increasing speed, in addition to all normal daily activities.

Digitization does not just automate some processes, but more. It will also improve internal processes, including:

  • Develop customer-oriented solutions
  • Improve the quality of our services
  • Find a better balance between costs and benefits.
  • Help our engineers on a daily basis

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