10 reasons why you want to work at SECO

10 reasons why you want to work at SECO

SECO wishes to have positive impact on society and therefore wishes to attract millennials and future talents. Hence, SECO's Human Resource's strategy focuses on talent development within a family culture, where both our colleagues and SECO Certified Partners are offered the right opportunities to learn and grow. 

Large variety of projects

The projects which you follow as a SECO employee can vary in size and complexity! Which kind of project would you prefer to work on? Keeping in mind your interests and skills, you decide which project you lead to success.


SECO is proud of its experts in different fields and obtains phenomenal teams by combining different personalities and technical profiles into one team. This team is different for each project. 

Communication is key to us - whether at home, in the office or a workshop, via Skype, in videoconferencing or through our internal social network. Thanks to our modern IT, we can easily communicate at any time, in any location. 


Professionalism is our top priority. At SECO, we know that technical know-how is decisive for our mutual success. We expect a lot from all our teams. By repeatedly questioning and developing ourselves, we always manage to design and deliver tailor-made and intelligent solutions. In order to guarantee this quality permanently, we invest in our workforces above all else. We have specialists for all topics.

Flexibility in time, place and topic

"Nine to five" is not a philosophy for us. Time flexibility, local independence, personal responsibility and free choice of subject is how we define our working environment. With mobile devices, you can work from anywhere.

Special applications and appropriate hardware tools ensure you can create reports immediately on construction site. Working from home is always possible because of our VPN tools, allowing you to access any documentation at any time. When and where you choose to work is up to you. 

If you have special interests concerning a specific topic, do not hesitate to inform your team. If you are able and willing, you can expand your knowledge on any given topic.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing our knowledge is a key point in providing help to both clients and colleagues. This enables us to join forces on large projects and provide know-how on all types of topics

Career? Yes, please!

If you want to grow, look for a growing company. With SECO, you have many opportunities to evolve. Do you have interests in becoming a specialist in a certain field? Or do you wish to grow into a project manager for special buildings or large projects? We recognize your strengths and promote your talent.

Modern IT and innovations

At SECO we work with the most modern technology from Microsoft. With mobile devices and custom cloud services, you're always mobile and interactive. We are also driving forward the transparent linking of data keeping in mind the intelligent city of the future. With our know-how, we develop digital tools that make it easier for fire protection engineers, authorities and rescue workers.

Leisure and family

SECO is not only committed to your career, but your well-being as well. With our modern IT facilities and flexible work hours it is easy to achieve a balanced work-family relationship.

We take care of your health

Your health is important to us. SECO provides fresh fruit on all floors of the offices. Do you need exercise? We also provide opportunities for excercise. 

If you feel like the workload becomes too much, regular feedback sessions with your manager or neutral intermediary allow you to inform the company.

Celebrate our successes

Yes, we can party too! We celebrate our successes and seize great and small opportunities to have fun together outside the office. For example, our Christmas parties in top locations, or even at regular team meetups for bowling, barbecues, watching the world cup, and much more.