SECO LUXEMBOURG publishes his BIM Protocol


SECO LUXEMBOURG publishes his BIM Protocol

SECO LUXEMBOURG is the first Luxembourg accredited organization, to publish and make available to the market his BIM protocol.

The purpose of this protocol is to specify how SECO will provide services in the context of a construction file drawn up in a BIM construction environment. The purpose of the BIM protocol is also to enable the BIM manager / coordinator of the file in question to include in the communication and exchange scheme the presence of a service provider whose main activity is to deliver ad hoc notices on the choices made during the design and / or production phases.

It defines SECO's point of view as well the BIM process of the project (project, the actors and their roles ...), the numerical model (structuring of the digital model, the level of detail, the files, ....) The collaborative process (integration of the control office in the process, the important phases of the project) and the deliverables.

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