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SECO International: Trusted Experts

SECO International: Trusted Experts for Global Projects


Back in the 1930s, SECO was established as an independent and neutral technical cooperative in the construction industry to organize inspections and obtain proper insurance (Inherent Defects Insurance) for major construction projects in Belgium. 

Over the years, companies had to adapt continuously to the changes in lifestyle, technological developments, environmental concerns, and the impact of a growing population. Innovation has become a key driving force, leading to the creation of SECO International.

Since then, SECO International is a leading provider of tailor-made support solutions worldwide, leveraging its full range of technical competence and know-how. Highly qualified SECO engineers carry out international assignments, ensuring the highest quality standards are met throughout all construction and maintenance phases.

Our Expertise:

SECO International specializes in providing technical support services for a wide range of projects, including marine works, bridges, transport and mobility, facades, wind farms, tunnels, industry, schools, towers, and real estate (structural stability, earthquake safety, curtain walls, fire safety, etc.).

Our services encompass focused inspections to prevent potential damages related to structural stability, foundations, water and airtightness of structures, and the functioning of technical installations.


Additionally, we continuously monitor and control engineering best practices to ensure the long-term performance and behavior of a construction project. From the initial in-depth examination of the project concept to regular onsite inspections, we ensure the quality of work under execution.

Working with Experts:

SECO's added value lies in its ability to provide added value in all technical disciplines with in-house specialists. We are dedicated to assisting clients and designers right from the start, providing proactive support through all stages of the project, from design to delivery, and beyond. Our commitment to quality, risk assessment, security, and sustainability guarantees peace of mind for our clients.


90 years of Excellence:

With 90 years of experience, SECO’s extensive and multidisciplinary expertise makes us the ideal partner to secure the quality and sustainability of your project.


Strong Partnerships:

SECO's strength also lies in partnerships with certified local experts who help integrate local specificities, standards, authorizations, manufacturing controls, and on-site inspections.


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