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Workshop audits for differents projects

SECO departments 'steel technology' consists of specialists in structural design, welding and coating (NACE certified) (ISO EN 17020).
On a regular basis they carry out workshop inspections at subcontractors in China for major projects in Europe and the Middle-East:
  • Antwerp (BE) - Waaslandhaven - 2nd lock
  • Antwerp (BE) - Fifth Havendock and Industrydock
  • Germany - Offshore Wind Farm Baltic 2 (ENBW-ENRON)
  • Brussels (BE) - Railway tunnel - Junction Léopold-Josaphat
  • Abu-Dhabi - Cleveland Clinic - Curtain walls

SECO has been asked to control the design, audit the fabrication process and inspect the subassemblies. Steel structures for civil works applications such as locks and modular curtain wall elements are inspected according to our customer’s specification or/and relevant standards.