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Windfarms at Dhar Saadane and Beni Mejmel

Construction period: 
Project owner: 
Amount of the works: 
€ 250.000.000
The wind farm is located at two sites: “Beni Mejmel” and “Dhar Saadane”.
The objective is to reduce estimated total amount of CO² emission by approximately 3.340.727 tons over a period of 10 years. The implementation of the project will also contribute to the socio-economic development of the region. The construction and the operation of the project are ensured by the ONE - Office National de l'Electricité - which is in charge of the generation, the transmission and distribution of the electricity in Morocco.
SECO's assignment consisted in the assessment of the stability of the executed concrete foundations of 165 windmills and two technical buildings.
SECO examined the (visible) upper part of the foundations where cracks and other defaults appeared after the execution. SECO evaluated the possible  repair solutions and other recommendations regarding the stability.
After the repairs, SECO reexamined the surfaces to validate the execution quality.