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Stadium - 'Grand Stade'

Construction period: 
Project owner: 
Eiffel S.A.A.
Valode & Pistre Architectes Atelier Ferret Architecture
Amount of the works: 
€ 30.000.000

To match the UEFA standards and as part of the redevelopment of the town, a new multipurpose stadium with seats for up to 50.0000 spectators was built. It comprises a structural steel envelope and a roof with mobile sections sliding on steel megabeams supported at their ends by 4 reinforced-concrete columns. The stadium has four levels. Half of the ‘Grand Stade’ field is supported by a hydraulic lifting installation and massive tracks that raise and slide it above the other half of the field in three hours. So several levels with different capacity are available.


SECO’s assignment consisted in the technical assessment related to the fixed and mobile steel structures of the stadium, their concrete support structures and the movable plateau of the football field.
SECO provided advice during the hydraulic positioning of the roof elements and the steel support beams.