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Realty 2016

For 3 consecutive years now, SECO has exhibited at Realty. What started as an experiment has now grown into a high value tool in terms of networking and communication. Realty offers another opportunity to exchange information, understand the broader market, listen to our clients’ requirements and find answers for them.

As a technical advisory service for construction and real estate, we have a diverse range of clients and services.

If you’re a developer, you are looking to stand out via a quality product. We can help you enhance the technical quality level of your project thanks to technical inspection, tailored to the complexity of your building. Did you know that our inspection program for residential developments gives you access to the SECO quality label “Technical inspection”? By displaying this SECO label on your building and using it in your communication, you can show your customers how serious you are about quality and that you are offering them high-quality real estate property, controlled by the professionals from SECO! Read more in our leaflet ( French / Dutch ).

If you are an investor or broker, you want to be sure that your transactions and your investments in new projects represent “value for money”. You can rely on our technical expertise to provide this confidence. Our support in transactions (technical due diligence) gives you a good insight into capital and operational expenditures, while our “Technical opinion” service helps you to bring your investment up to the expected technical level at a reasonable cost, through value engineering (analysis of variants, alternative solutions, etc.). The optional IDI (tienjarige verzekering, assurance décennale) is the formal guarantee of quality and the recognised answer for reducing construction risks (Due Diligence - Technical Audit).

If you’re a contractor, we can support you in your quality program by providing advice, audits, etc., or even by setting up a complete quality system. Discover how our  inspection and certification specialists can support you, with full independence (Inspection - Certification).

If you’re an architect, the functionality you want to incorporate in your project can be strongly impacted by fire safety regulations, while the expectations of owners regarding energy consumption and comfort levels sometimes conflict with each other and with the creative concepts you wish to develop. 

Our technical experts can guide you in these matters and put their expertise in fire safety, technical installations, joinery and curtain walling at your disposal in order to avoid conflicts and optimise your design. Read more

Thank you for taking part with us and see you soon!