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Port of Lomé - New container terminal

Construction period: 
2012 - 2015
Project owner: 
Cyes Infraestructuras
Amount of the works: 
€ 125.000.000
Construction of a new dock in the port of Lomé. A new quay wall with a total length of about 1km on the north side of the dock will accommodate Post Panamax container carriers (design depths up to 17,60m). The quay wall consists of 2 diaphragm walls, about 45m apart, yet connected through a tie-rod system with a total developped length of about 30km. 
The assignment also covers the soil improvement campaign in the container stacking area behind the north side quay wall and the operational building infrastructure.  Along the west and the south side of the newly dredged dock, a slope protection is foreseen. The existing breakwater will partially be demolished to provide ship access to the newly constructed dock. The available area is partially created by the natural accretion of sand on the upward side of a newly constructed groyne connected to the existing breakwater.
The technical opinion assignment relates to: 
  • Technical evaluation and risk analysis of tenderers
  • Complete follow-up of the civil engineering works (mostly in a long term insurance framework)