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Oosterweel Project

Construction period: 
Project owner: 
Beheermaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel - BAM
Amount of the works: 

The Oosterweel Project aims to close the ringway around the city of Antwerp. From the left bank of the Schelde-river a new highway of 6,1km towards the existing R1 on the right bank is constructed. 4,75km of these new roads are foreseen in tunnels under the Schelde (immersed tunnel) and under the Antwerp Port.

Part 1 - Left bank

Connection to the E34 and E17 with different bridges and small tunnels.

Part 2 - Scheldetunnel

Immersed tunnel 1,8km, 2x3 lanes + pedestrian crossing.

Part 3

Oosterweel junction making the transition of a 2*3 aligned lanes construction to a 4*2 stacked lanes construction. Connection to the Port of Antwerp.

Part 4 - Canal-tunnel

2,2km tunnel (cut and cover, stross), 4x2 lanes (stacked 2 by 2 under the Albert Canal).

Part 5 - R1 North

Connection to R1. Tunnel construction (stross) under the Albert Canal. Different bridges and small tunnel constructions.


The assignment of SECO consists in an independent third party technical inspection of the civil works.

This includes analysis of the stability and durability of submersed tunnels, tunnels made by cut and cover and stross, pre- and posttensioned concrete bridges, steel bridges, retaining walls, ….

An extended geotechnical survey is carried out by SECO's geotechnical experts. Specialist engineers give guidance in the fields of concrete technology and steel constructions.