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Transport Center HALF WAY TREE

Construction period: 
2005 - 2007
Project owner: 
Amount of the works: 
€ 17.000.000
The project comprises the construction of a new bus terminal on two levels. The main structures of these levels, a combination of portal frames in one direction (primarily resisting the vertical forces) and shear walls in various directions (primarily resisting the horizontal ones), will be realised in reinforced concrete, partly cast in situ, partly precast.
The upper bus deck is covered by a light steel structure, supported by a structural steel arch and tubular steel columns. Vertically, the roof loads are transferred from the aluminium sheeting to the purlins and then the cellular beams towards the steel arch and the columns. Horizontally and parallel to the arch, the wind loads are taken by 2 horizontal wind bracings, fixed to the steel arch. Horizontally and perpendicular to the arch, the fascia loads are transferred via the cellular beams onto the steel arch.
The foundation of the arch is a massive concrete block on the one hand, and a combination of shear walls and concrete slabs on the other hand (box construction). 
They will allow the arch loads to be transferred to the soil.
The total surface is about 40.000m².

Technical inspection of and guidance on closed main fabric.