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Maintenance of infrastructure and industrial facilities

Mobility and Transport

Maintenance of infrastructure and industrial facilities

DBFM-setups require new approaches of what was once considered as a “fixed” asset. Performance of maintenance operations is challenging design teams to take into account life cycle cost and maintenance itself must be organized in the most efficient way. Also maintenance of traditional structural elements such as industrial halls, steel structures, tanks, silos… is becoming an integral part of industrial property management.


Through expert reviews, carried out on over 500 constructions per year, we are familiar with issues of wear and corrosion of concrete and steel elements in industrial environments. Based on international standards, we have developed a model that allows to assess the condition of constructions in a systematic and repetitive manner, classifying disorders per type and allowing prioritizing remedial measures depending on occurrence, critical level and functionality. You can rely on our professionals whilst you can focus on your core process.


  • Condition measurement
  • Structural audit (transactional)
  • Bid support
  • Periodic inspections of condition
  • Maintenance program analysis    
  • Support in establishing a maintenance plan
  • Establishment action plan
  • Costing
  • Project Management support
  • Life cycle analysis