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Health, safety and environment

Mobility and Transport

Health, safety and environment

People count! This is why we want to contribute to comfortable and safe working and living conditions for current and future generations. Here past and future meet. Our mission is to contain damage from the past and to support the establishment of optimum environmental conditions for the future.


  • Environmental audit
  • Safety coordination (concept, design and execution phases)
  • Safety inspections
  • Evaluation of accessibility
  • Check of asbestos inventory
  • Evaluation of procedures guiding asbestos cleaning operations
  • Follow-up of asbestos cleaning operations
  • “Asbestos free” and “asbestos safe” certification
  • Assessment of impact of building materials

Regulated body (organisme agréé) for ITM, SNSFP, AEV (Luxemburg)

In health and safety matters, SECOLUX goes beyond the norm and consider all possible scenarios. The watchword of our regulated body experts, chartered by the Luxembourgish Inspectorate of Labor and Mines (Inspection du Travail et des Mines ITM), the Luxembourgish National Security Service for the Public Service (Service National de la Sécurité dans la Fonction Publique SNSFP) and the Luxembourgish Environment Agency (Administration de l’Environnement AEV), is to allow for all risks and for the good of all.

SECOLUX is an independent inspection body certified by the Luxembourg Bureau for Accreditation and Surveillance (Office Luxembourgeois d'Accréditation et de Surveillance OLAS), based on the ISO / IEC 17020 standard for the inspection of compliance with authorizations of classified establishments. All inspections are executed, from the design stage until the commissioning, and in the following categories:

  • The general safety of persons and fire safety
  • The safety measures of construction and demolition sites
  • Electrical installations, lifts and hoists
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Asbestos
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Machinery and protective equipment
  • Hazardous fluids

SECOLUX verifies the compliance of buildings and its facilities against the authorization decree and after prior approval of the monitoring plan produced by the Luxembourgish Environment Agency. SECOLUX is licensed by AEV in the following fields:

  • F111 – Facility receptions of the artisanal sector including the field of expertise F121 (oil tanks and pipelines)
  • F13 – Facility receptions of the building sector

The spirit to understand the gist, prevent hazards and to notify knowingly, are skills that our clients do find with Secolux.