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Fire safety engineering

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Fire safety engineering

National, regional and local governments see an increased interest of their citizens to live and work in urban areas. Mobility patterns change and lifestyle undergoes profound changes. Health and safety requirements alter accordingly, including those on fire safety. Authorities issue and adapt regulations, which become more complex to integrate into building projects.


SECO’s fire safety engineering team participate in committees on fire safety regulations at European level and have built up a strong network in this field. Our engineers specialize in the integration of both active and passive fire protection in the concepts that developers and their architects have on the drawing table. We support tenants and property managers with our expertise to keep their premises and fire safety installations, operational and in line with regulations.
Our clients develop and operate shopping malls, hospitals, public buildings, football stadia, railway stations and airport terminals.


  • Risk assessment
  • Design review
  • Quick scan
  • Support in design and execution of fire protection systems
  • Advice on and simulation of smoke and heat evacuation (parking lots)
  • Support during handover and testing of fire protection installations
  • Design support, based on actual fireload
  • Audit
  • Expert review
  • Inspection (active fire protection)
  • Periodic inspection
  • Maintenance audit