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Covering of rail tracks between Austerlitz station and Massena Boulevard

Construction period: 
2009 - 2013
Project owner: 
Amount of the works: 
€ 70.000.000
The works consist in the partial covering of rail tracks on the banks of the Seine. The levelling of this cover slab must match the slab of the existing avenue that extends the Avenue de France. This area is surrounded by the Avenue Pierre Mendès-France, the Quai d'Austerlitz and the Boulevard Vincent Auriol.
The solution is a steel structure formed by main transversal girders and secondary longitudinal girders, supporting two reinforced concrete slabs. The 500m-long structure rests on 36 support beams that are perpendicular to the rail tracks and “tent” shaped steel-concrete columns on base pads.

The technical inspection of civil works, closed main fabric and fire safety encompassed, among others, soil testing analysis, technical specifications for the bid documentation, inspection of studies, design and execution documents, control of the execution of works, respect of design and rules, quality control of materials, control of execution processes and  stability during the provisional and final phase of the work and the neighbouring constructions as well as the regulatory fire control.