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Condition Measurement of 15 stores for Company Retail Clothing

Construction period: 
Project owner: 
Company Retail Clothing

Company Clothing Retail is a major retailer in fashion clothing with main activities in Europe and South America. In the Benelux it runs around 300 shops in both city-center high streets and out-of-town locations.

In order to support their maintenance activities SECO was asked to carry out a condition measurement on a first batch of 15 stores in Belgium.


SECO’s assignment included the following:

  • Inventory and classification of the ‘installations’
  • Condition measurement (scorecard) based on visual inspections
  • Assessment legal compliance wrt inspections
  • Energy rating
  • Expected residual lifespan
  • Budget for investment and repairs

The following ‘installations’ were audited:

  • HVAC (generation of heat, cold and ventilation, transport, distribution and tuning)
  • Electricity, sound installation and telecom
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Security
  • Fire prevention and firefighting equipment
  • Facades, joinery and roofs