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Technical building maintenance services


Technical building maintenance services

Did you know that maintenance cost of office buildings bring the total cost of ownership to between 2 and 3 times the initial investment? The reasons of this gap are as diverse as the complexity of the buildings themselves: 

  • Interference between envelope and technical installations
  • Introduction of new types of building materials
  • Handover phase between development – construction team and facility – maintenance team
  • Actions of users and maintenance teams
  • Involvement of technically less-experienced players
  • Short-term approach during design and construction
  • Philosophy of replacement rather than optimization
  • Improper choice of maintenance scheme


Through expert reviews, we are acquainted with disorders that occur when buildings are “in use”. 80 years of experience makes us well placed to measure the condition of buildings and technical installations in particular, as a starting point to further support our clients for their maintenance operations. We are a trusted partner for large industrial and real estate groups that want to keep their assets in good condition with the most effective maintenance scheme and the most economical long term options for replacement investments.


  • Condition measurement
  • Bid support
  • Analysis of maintenance contracts
  • Performance monitoring
  • Periodic inspections of condition
  • Evaluation of performance of service providers
  • Maintenance program analysis
  • Inventory action plan
  • Costing
  • Project  Management support
  • Life cycle