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Immorun - 14th September 2017
SECO teams
Congratulations Birthday celebrators!
The August SECO Birthday Lunch!
IMMORUN - The sport event of real estate professionals
SECO team
Research project for SECONED
Stud. Rosanne Berkhout
Ir. Mattias Martens
Reward for an excellent recommendation
Ir. Mattias Martens
From the most iconic buildings to the most complex civil works Jurgen MAES
ing. spv Simon COLLOT
Diversity of assignments, know-how and team spirit
ing. spv Simon COLLOT

The NETHERLANDS - De projectverantwoordelijke heeft de leiding van het projectteam en heeft minimaal 6 jaar ervaring met risicoanalyse.

BELGIUM - tender for public and private markets, analysis of tender documents and specifications, establishment of quotations

BELGIUM - Develop, maintain and actively promote appropriate and state of the art accounting and consolidation processes & tools.

BELGIUM - The International Project Engineer is actively participating in the technical part of the development of SECO’s activity.

LUXEMBOURG - L’ingénieur est responsable de donner le conseil et contrôler d’installations dans les bâtiments dans le contexte de la souscription d’assurances...

LUXEMBOURG - Le technicien est responsable de contrôler d’installations électriques et de sécurité dans les bâtiments.

BELGIUM - As Sales Assistant, you are an essential part of the inside support for sales activity. You will act as a key person within our sales team.

BELGIË - Inspecteur / Assessor domein Ruwbouwmaterialen voor de inspectie van de fabricage van ruwbouwmaterialen.

BELGIQUE - Inspecteur / Assesseur dans le domaine des matériaux de gros œuvre pour l'inspection de la fabrication de matériaux de gros œuvre : béton préfabriqué,...

BELGIUM - The data maintenance officer is responsible for accurate and efficient monitoring of data to ensure timely execution and invoicing of our services.

BELGIUM - The Project Engineer is in charge of monitoring technical aspects on a wide range of projects in the building construction sector and/or civil works...

BELGIUM - The Management Assistant acts as the manager's first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organization.