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Brussels Airport - Diabolo Project

Construction period: 
2008 - 2012
Project owner: 
Amount of the works: 
€ 176.000.000
The north railway link of the Zaventem Airport, part of the Diabolo project, includes the extension of the existing railway station Brussels Airport, located under the airport, and the building of a north link tunnel that connects to the new railway line 25N (running along the E19 highway), to Antwerp and Brussels. 
In order to enhance accessibility to the Cargo zone of the airport, a new road viaduct starts from the E19, above the Luchthavenlaan and the Haachtsesteenweg.
Special features for bikers include a steel bridge over the E19 and a tunnel in the Haachtsesteenweg, under the Luchthavenlaan.
Our technical inspection assignment covered civil works and finishing works of the railway station at Brussels airport.
It consisted in the analysis of soil testing reports, review of design and execution documents, site inspections to check if execution is according to the drawings and the rules of good craftsmanship, and material quality checking. 
Our assignment also covered the execution processes and stability of the work and the existing adjacent structures during both the temporary and final phases.