Word of our CEO

It is not without some pride that we are launching our new website.

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SECO Polska wins the Belgian B...

The Belgian Business Chamber Award recognises efforts of BBC Members active in the Polish market that promote Belgian – Polish business relations and provide innovative solutions.

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Den Haag – PPS Poort Centraal, Rijnstraat 8


Den Haag – PPS Poort Centraal,...

The headquarters of the former Ministries of Transport, Planning en Environment in The Hague will be entirely refurbished. The building was the most sustainable project in the Netherlands at...

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Seco New Services


SECO's new services

In order to provide the support our partners need, we have extended our services to the post-construction phase through five new services: Commissioning, Comfort,...

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Retail, retail, retail…

Housing, healthcare facilities, semi-industrial property and retail underpin the Belgian and per extension the European real estate market.

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Ivoz Ramet

On September 9, the new lock Ivoz-Ramet, situated at Flémalle, has been inaugurated. Its capacity is 9.000 tons, 7.000 tons more than the existing lock that is under renovation.

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 Rotterdam - Botlekbrug


Rotterdam - Botlekbrug

The Botlek bridge is part of a busy junction of rail, road and waterway traffic. The previous Botlek bridge had become a bottleneck for freight and shipping, because it was too narrow and too...

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Through certification, technical inspection services and advisory, we, SECO, contribute to improve safety, reduce risk and optimise solutions for our partners in their construction projects – buildings and infrastructure. 
For 80 years, owners, investors, architects, engineers, developers and property managers have been relying on our expert services to acquire, develop, build, maintain and manage infrastructure and real estate property. From our operations in the Benelux region initially, we have grown to become a company that offers customer support worldwide.